ABP's ETHOS revolves around the following beliefs:-

Our attention to detail and ‘doing things the right way’ is what we believe sets us apart. Integrity – you can expect us to always tell you our thoughts when asked. We will be transparent with the building process and look after your interests.

Our team's knowledge and understanding of different segments of the construction industry is critical to our success and is our point of difference. Within ABP there is a huge wealth of experience in different sectors of construction. Along with our loyal team of subcontractors there is no job where a solution to a problem or an alternative cannot be sought - be it an alternative cladding or a mechanical redesign or simply a design solution, we have the intellectual knowledge and years of experienced "grey hairs" to provide you with the right option.

We understand that development is difficult and that time and costs are of the essence. Either building your own home or when developing, irrelevant costs, claims and delays can undermine a relationship and a project. Understanding the process and being commercially minded allows us to suggest cost savings and different methods to save cost, time and programme, of which will not detract from the final product.

We believe Customer Service is our Number 1 difference. We put the customer first and believe in providing the ultimate service from initial discussions through to handover and beyond. Whether you are the owner, developer, architect, project manager, consultant or other, we always remain professional and courteous in our approach.

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