ABP is proud to offer a free service to existing and potential clients that we term "Buildability".

By this we offer a Builders Perspective during the Concept and Design Development stages of the project looking at materials, building methods, costs & efficiencies as well as how proposals will effect the Construction Programme. This can take the form of being involved in attending consultative meetings, attending design development meetings during construction documentation, attending pre-DA meetings, working with the architect or project team, or analysing construction documents. The view is always to rationalise the process to either save cost, increase amenity, aesthetics or function, or reduce construction time.

We also often become involved prior to the tender or negotiation period to offer Estimates and following this, or after tender, we can also offer Cost Savings Proposals to assist the Construction Costs to meet the feasibility.

In the past this has assisted clients greatly and feel that we can truly provide a well-rounded analysis of your project.

This is a free service that we are happy to provide on a speculative basis.

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